Top Kids Activities Killarney

Top Kids Activities Killarney 

Top Kids Activities Killarney 

Ireland is an ideal spot to take your family on vacation. Whether you are visiting Ireland for the first time or already live on the Island, Co Kerry has lots of kid’s activities, events, and places to take your children when visiting the Kingdom. It is known that the Kingdom is the land of friendly people. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to it than that! We decided to focus our attention on Killarney, as there is plenty to do in this area for parents and kids alike. Check out our top kids activities in Killarney.

Killarney National Park:

Killarney National Park has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy climbing, hiking, canoeing, or kayaking this is the place for you. It is also great for nature enthusiasts, with the wide range of wildlife you can spot, as well as history buffs. If you are looking for a nice family day out, then this is the place to go! Killarney National Park is home to over 26,000 acres of lush mountains, forest, walkways, rivers, castles, lakes and waterfalls. It is one of the most stunning destinations in Ireland.

Kenney’s Pet Farm, Killarney:

For over 30 years, this pet farm has been a very popular stop off for families exploring the Kingdom. It is easily accessible and is only 10 minutes from Killarney Town Centre. The farm offers a selection of animals, birds, and fun activities for kids to experience. It is a family-run farm and is an educational visit. It is also  fun-filled day out for kids of differing ages.

Killarney Falconry, Killarney:

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you will get to interact with one of the world’s top predators. This adventure packed and exciting experience appeals to people of all ages. Ability will be in your hands when you interact directly with the bird as it flies from aloft onto your gloved fist. The events will run in most weather conditions, but we want to make sure you get the most out of your experience. If the weather is expected to be bad when you visit, you can rearrange to visit them on another day.

Any of these activities sound like a fun day out for you and your kids? If you enjoy these top kids activities in Killarney, or just think Killarney is the place for you, then why not enter the draw to Win a House in Killarney with Kerry GAA. We will also be running bonus draw’s up until the final draw at the end of July, so get your ticket now to be included in the next one. You wouldn’t want to miss out now, would you?