Food and Drink in Kerry

Locally Sourced Food

If you are looking to know more about food and drink in Kerry, then this is the place to be. The food scene in Kerry consists of quality ingredients, and the stunning landscapes in which they’re shared. There is a wide variety of dining experiences in the Kingdom: from gastropubs to Michelin-rated fine dining restaurants. Wherever you choose to spend your time, you’ll be sure to find a seasonal and locally sourced menu, where sustainability and organic foods are at the heart of cooking.

Ireland’s vast amount of farm-fresh and sea-to-table ingredients are largely thanks to the country’s temperate climate and its proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean. Prawns, oysters, and scallops are harvested from the sea and beef, lamb and other agricultural items are raised in the country’s vast farmlands.

This large variety of ingredients finds its way to the kitchens of Ireland’s restaurants and the food is prepared in a typical, but modern, Irish style. If you are trying to imagine what this might look like, then think of slow cooked roasts, shellfish of all sorts, grass-fed beef and other meats, and homemade cheese. With product freshness and chef’s originality, Ireland’s gastronomy scene is sure to leave many wanting more!

Sustainable Food

With many companies moving towards zero-waste, there has been a wave of new sustainable restaurants opening throughout the Kingdom, who are curating their menus to make the most of the local produce. What else? They are doing this in a classic no-fuss Kerry style. The food is also simple and unpretentious, yet full of flavour and delicious.

Distilleries and Breweries in Kerry

Kerry is home to flavoursome native ingredients, and consequently producers are also crafting alcohol that taste of the Kerry landscape. Some of the best distilleries and breweries in the world are in County Kerry. Additionally, the craft beer scene is on the rise, and as breweries find their distinct touch, it is no wonder we are seeing a surge in unique and exceptional offerings.

Torc Brewing, Killarney

Torc Brewing is a local brewing company in Killarney that was opened in 2014. It is run by local brewers who love the taste of a great a refreshingly crisp beer. At Torc Brewing, they take great pride in knowing that they craft the beer from the best ingredients that are available, i.e., using pure fresh Killarney water. Their flagship Wheat Beer is brewed with care. It has a slightly cloudy golf finish and a refreshing orange and grapefruit aroma. It is definitely worth a try!

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Living in Killarney means that you’ll be at the heart of this delicious food and drink scene, with plenty of options to try out. If you have any more food and drink in Kerry facts and knowledge, then please let us know. And if you would like to receive updates and similar content then head over to our Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow, as well as subscribing to our email newsletter.